The first running of the Kentucky Derby occurred in 1875—and who would have thought back then that the Kentucky Derby would become such a staple of Louisville-area culture? Today, the Derby is one of the biggest annual events in the state, creating the perfect excuse for lavish Derby parties and over-the-top gatherings. For more than 125 years, people have gathered to watch the events of the Derby play out, drink, and have a good time; in fact, some of the area's favorite Derby traditions (like the famous Mint Julep beverage) were born from these parties!

Celebrity Attendance at Derby Events

Across the Louisville area, a handful of exclusive Derby parties and events take place each year—and it's at these gatherings that you'll find some of the biggest names in movies, music, and entertainment! Yes, that's right: even Hollywood's biggest names aren't immune to getting caught up in the Kentucky Derby hype and excitement. Some of the most well known celebrities who have graced the presence of these local gatherings in previous years have included 50 Cent, Detroit's own Kid Rock, and Robin Thicke.

Unfortunately, a lot of area Derby parties have also aged out over the years, with average attendee ages at many galas hovering around 65. For those looking for a fun and more youth-centric Kentucky Derby celebration, the 8th Annual Fillies & Stallions Derby Eve Party is the place to be. Since its inception in 2011, this exclusive event has been attended by such celebrities as Modern Family's Sarah Hyland, Joey Fatone, and even the president of Churchill Downs!  This hip event is an excellent celebration of the Derby and its culture, and the average age is between 29 and 45!

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