The Kentucky Derby is by far one of the most iconic sporting events across the globe—but it's not just the race itself that has become so popular. The fashion surrounding the event and the many area parties leading up to the Kentucky Derby have become a huge part of Louisville culture, with many of these trademark styles being copied nation- and even worldwide.

What to Wear?

For women, feminine cocktail dresses and bold signature hats are a couple of the biggest staples of Kentucky Derby fashion. You can't go wrong with a wide-brimmed sun hat and an eye-catching piece of signature jewelry. Formal and festive are the two buzzwords to keep in mind when dressing for this very special event, and women can find plenty of options to suit this type of style at Pinktag Boutique!

For men, a classic suit or blazer is a great choice for attending the Derby itself or one of the area's exclusive Derby parties. Bright pastel-colored button downs and linen blazers are both staples of men's Derby fashion. Overall, the goal is to achieve a Southern, dapper look—so you can't go wrong with bold accessories like pocket squares and bowties.

Dressing for Derby Parties

Attendees at local Derby parties are generally expected to dress in the same manner as if they were attending the race itself, so these style tips can be extended to those preparing for the Fillies & Stallions Derby Eve Party! This very special event will take place on Friday, May 4th and will be heavily attended by celebrities, famous athletes, and many other big names. Now that you have a better idea of how to dress for this type of event, are you ready to celebrate with us? Consider becoming a sponsor for a chance to receive an invitation, and find out more on our website.