We're so excited to host the seventh annual Fillies & Stallions Derby Eve Party in just a few short months! We're just as excited that, for the first time, the party is no longer being kept a secret. While attendance is still private and by invitation only, this could just be the year you get to attend!

A Little Back Story...

So, just how did this whole shin-dig get started in the first place? Back in 2009, Steven Marshall of BlackRock Stables and event producer Noah Flom attended the Kentucky Derby, splitting an exacta with MineThatBird. The result? They ended up cashing in one of the largest payouts in the history of Churchill Downs. Understandably, they wanted to celebrate their winnings but quickly realize that there was a large void in the high-end, late-evening celebrity event space.

From that point on, they were determined to change the game of Derby celebrations. In 2011, the first Fillies & Stallions Derby party took place, and the rest is history! Since then, this party has been THE place to be among some of the most influential names in sports and show business looking to celebrate the annual Kentucky Derby.

This event is like any other, and we anticipate that the seventh annual event will be our best ever. With a 60-foot red carpet, swarms of paparazzi, and all kinds of great surprises in store, the Mellwood Arts Center will truly be the place to be on Friday, May 5th of this year. If you're at least 21 years of age and want to find out more about how you can get your exclusive invitation, fill out our contact form on our website and stay up-to-date on our Facebook page in the meantime!